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2021 Fall Revival: Weeks 1 and 2

Our fall revival meetings are officially underway! We have had a great first two weeks at Zion Christian Church in North Carolina and at Calvary Baptist Church in Virginia. We were able to minister to and encourage the people at these churches through Sunday Schools, Children's services, Worship services, and Evening services through Wednesday. Evangelist Ron DeGarde has felt lead to preach on themes of true heart-changing revival, prayer, trials, salvation, and dedication during these meetings.

We have already been incredibly blessed by the churches and through what God has done, so we want to share some of these blessings.

  • Each church has been so sweet and hospitable

  • We have had amazing hosts for accommodations

  • Several people sensitive to the Spirit and interested in salvation

  • Meals graciously provided for our team

  • Seeds planted in hearts

  • Safety during travels

  • God provided the exact parts and help for a trailer repair

One truth that has been close to our hearts this past year is that Christ is sufficient for all we need. With the many trials we face through our lives we constantly need this reminder, which is why we have chosen the song "Christ is Sufficient" as our theme song for each of our fall meetings this year. This song helps us reflect on the fact that "nothing we do can merit God's grace" and that our hope is in Christ. It also reflects on how we are designed to need Christ.

We long for fulfillment and He is the only one who will satisfy and help us through our most difficult times. He is enough for all of our needs.

Our music team, led by Austin Burgey, teaches "Christ is Sufficient" to each church throughout the week. Our prayer is that the repetition of this song in each service will help the congregation to remember the lyrics. We pray that these truths can continue to be an encouragement even after the meetings have ended.

We ask you to remember us in prayer as we continue to minister to churches this fall season. Here are some ways that you can specifically pray for our ministry.

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch and convict the hearts of each individual

  • Pray that those who are unsaved will come to hear the gospel and that their hearts would be ready to receive it

  • Pray that seeds are planted in people's hearts

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead Evangelist DeGarde each night as he preaches

  • Pray for pray for our team's travel safety

We have been thrilled to be a part of and see what God has done in just the first few weeks in the South. We are excited and expectant for what He has in store for the weeks to come.


All For His Glory,

~The DeGarde Team

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