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  • Ron DeGarde

Great Start to the Fall of 2023

What a great start it has been for the fall of 2023. We started our fall meetings at Bluelick Bible Church in Lima, OH. I know what you are thinking...Bluelick? What a strange name for a church. It is located on Bluelick Rd in Lima hence the name. I believe the Lord did some unusual work that week to match the unusual name. The church had a readiness to receive the word and were a joy to preach to. It had been at least ten years since we were last at the church and they have grown greatly. We had great crowds every night and had a wonderful attendance in our pastor's fellowship on Tuesday. Pastor's are my heroes! It was a great blessing to me to rub shoulders with men who have faithfully proclaimed truth behind the sacred desk for many years. I am a better man for having been there. The power of God's word was evident to me during the week and I am eternally grateful for all that God did that week. Pastor Knight's family were a huge blessing to us and we loved our fellowship each day. May God continue to do "great and mighty things" in the days that lie ahead!

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